Dipsol Europe GmbH – five years in European market

Cathodic corrosion protection on highest level

DIPSOL Europe GmbH in Düsseldorf was founded on July 17th, 2016. The company is a subsidiary of the Japanese company DIPSOL Chemicals Co. Ltd. With DIPSOL Europe GmbH in Germany, Dipsol runs now 17 branches in twelve countries with a total of over 430 employees worldwide. DIPSOL takes the role of the market leader for the products in area of functional zinc and zinc alloy systems in Japanese domestic market

By focusing the activities on the product segment of functional electroplating and the concentration of research activities in this area DIPSOL Europe GmbH has become an outstanding position and high reputation in the field of cathodic corrosion protection. After five years it is managing director Michael Barz pulling a positive conclusion: “We started out of nowhere five years ago, established the European headquarter and made the company running. It was for all employees extreme stress, but with hard work my team enjoyed the new things a lot and well-functioning unit for the DIPSOL Chemicals Co. Ltd. was created in Europe. The combination of very good systems as well as experienced and a highly motivated team were the key to success! We will continue to hold on to our visions and through flexibility, know-how and the constant readiness to support our customers and continue to grow with them together. ”
After successfully building the necessary infrastructure and facility with our service laboratory and a technical center for sample processing, distribution network and creation of the required product documentation. DIPSOL Europe GmbH was soon able to convince and offer their first customers advances systems out of DIPSOLS portfolio. With the approvals obtained from well-known OEMs and Tier 1 in automotive, fasteners and fitting industry, more and more customers could be won. The team in service and sales has been in the past twelve months expanded – a good basis for the aspired further growth. DIPSOL Europe sees its chances on the German and also European market mainly by maintaining the mentality of an innovative and service-oriented company. The tight cooperation and oriented to the needs of the customer will continue to be an important element for success in the market. At the company’s headquarters in Düsseldorf is in addition to sales department, service laboratory and technical center. The production of the special additives for the various systems takes place in cooperation with a modern contract manufacturer based in Kaiserslautern.
A numerous of customers were able to be convinced to use the advantages of the superior zinc and zinc alloy systems and the corresponding pre-treatment and passivation systems. Products for electroless nickel plating are also included in the product portfolio of DIPSOL Europe GmbH. Essentially, the systems are used in automotive, fitting, fastener and aerospace industry. DIPSOLs based on trivalent chromium compounds black passivation for zinc and zinc alloy systems found a wide acceptance in the European market. The surfaces are deep black and achieve highest level of corrosion protection without use of additional organic sealers. In zinc-nickel sector the requirements of DBL 9441.5 after 240 hours of resistance in neutral salt spray test without color change and also the VW test requirement according to four rounds in PV 1209 were easily achieved. Passivation for zinc layers give compared to the existing systems higher corrosion protection values in high workload and offer longer lifetime in use. So blue passivation offers up to 72 hours until first white corrosion even when applicated in barrel. Dipsol thick layer passivates can achieve in using silicate particles an extraordinary corrosion protection even under mechanical stress in one process step without the use of organic topcoats Disturbing abrasion of sealers during final assembly of components is excluded. Also, in the area of zinc and zinc alloy baths systems from DIPSOL mainly due to the extraordinary process productivity and stability connected with simple bath management. Alkaline zinc-nickel process gives due to the unique complexing agent systema consistently high nickel co-deposition rate without the use of complex membrane systems or regular dilution of the working solution. The simple bath management and the extraordinary initiation ability in high-strength components are essential features of the system. Variations specified by the aviation industry for high-strength components with high potential for the Hydrogen embrittlement (LHE – Low Hydrogen Embrittlement) is specified and widely accepted in this market.