Acid Zinc-Nickel

The high efficiency, ammonia and borate free, single rectifier controlled process, provides an easier and lower cost alternative to competitive systems. The system is formulated to provide consistent plating thickness and alloy distribution over a wide range of current densities. The zinc-nickel finish is highly abrasion and thermal resistant, making it ideal for underbody or engine bay environments. With the high efficiency of the process, it promotes excellent coverage over difficult substrates such as castings used for automotive brake calliper applications or high strength steel fasteners. The finish also provides excellent ductility properties and is suited for applications requiring post forming operations.

Alkaline Zink-Nickel

Because of the unique “Anti-Aging” technology DIPSOLs alkaline Zink-Nickel processes could maintain stable plating conditions without the need of expensive and complicated equipment. The exceptional deformability even after heat treatment allows the zinc-nickel systems to achieve the required corrosion protection values even after crimping or bending processes.

In combination with the appropriate passivation, topcoats and lubricants, zinc-nickel surfaces, in particular with regard to the further increasing use of light metals such as aluminum and other weight-reducing materials in the automobile sector, provide the highest degree of protection against contact corrosion.

Black Passivation for Zinc-Nickel surfaces

DIPSOL black passivation meets the requirements of the leading OEMs on layers of alkaline and acid zinc-nickel systems. The maintenance of the system requires only two additives and deep-black, high-corrosion- resistant layers are achieved both in barrel and rack application.

Passivation for Zinc-Nickel surfaces

The requirements of the OEM specifications are also exceeded after a subsequent heat treatment. The two-component system allows the highest corrosion protection even under the most severe production conditions. Iridescent passivation layers are produced on both alkaline and acidic zinc-nickel alloy systems.

Clear and black Topcoats

DIPSOL post-treatment systems provide excellent optics and mechanical properties with the highest corrosion protection on passivated zinc and zinc alloy layers. With the transparent topcoats silver-coloured, stainless steel similar surfaces are achieved. Black topcoats produce glossy black coatings with high UV resistance. The topcoats are applied as a one-layer system by a dip-spin application. For special requirements and difficult base material, a two-layer system is also possible. For the adjustment of certain coefficients of friction, lubricants can be added separately to the topcoat.

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