Dipsol Europe GmbH – Zertifizierung nach DIN ISO 9001-2015

Dipsol Europe GmbH, the specialized supplier for the electroplating industry, has been certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 on February 7 th , 2018. The independent and accredited certifier ICG Zertifizierung GmbH based in Chemnitz performed the audit and certifies the application of a management system for the trade with specialty chemicals and the execution of chemical analyses. After building up the necessary infrastructure for a successful start in the European market of the electroplating industry as a supplier for specialty chemicals, another crucial step towards a long-term success has been achieved by the confirmation of a quality management system regulating the operational processes. The quality management officer Mr. Martin Beckmann named the continuous assessment and the endeavor to constantly improve the quality management as the key points and major motivations for the certification. This certification is a mandatory requirement according to their own demands on quality for numerous OEM and customers to be able to start a cooperation with qualified partners. Dipsol Europe is pleased to be now able to confirm this prerequisite by the obtainment of the certification.