DIPSOL Europe GmbH

DIPSOL Europe Ltd. – Expansion of DIPSOL Chemicals Co. Ltd. Activities

With the foundation of DIPSOL Europe GmbH at Düsseldorf Ltd. the Japanese company DIPSOL Chemicals Co. Ltd. made another important step in the worldwide availability of their products.

The founded company Thoi Chemicals in 1953 has been renamed in 1968 to DIPSO chemicals. After initial successes in metal pretreatments the development of functional surfaces has been forced. So in 1965 DIPSOL could offer as one of the first suppliers worldwide an alkaline cyanide-free electrolyte for the commercial use of plating functional goods. This technology found worldwide recognition and in the late 70ies had been successfully placed through licensing partners in the American and European market. Further more neutral tin, zinc-tin and alkaline and acid zinc-nickel systems have been developed and established step by step for different industries.

With the new founded office in Germany, DIPSOL achieves 17 branch offices in 12 countries. Worldwide more than 600 employees work for DIPSOL. Thereof 50 employees work in F&E area on development of new and continuous improvement of existing systems. On the Japanese market DIPSOL took the role of the market leader for products in the area of functional zinc and zinc alloy systems. This allows direct access to Japanese OEMs and Tier 1.

“The focusing of business activities in research and development is still based on the demands of our customers for efficient and environmentally friendly products for the functional surface technology” according chief executive of DIPSOL Chemicals Co. Ltd. Sachiko Igarashi.

Through the focusing at the activities of the product segment of functional plating technology and the respective concentration of research activities in this area DIPSOL worked out an excellence

position and high reputation at the market. With the investments at the new German site the important foundation for a further expansion of international activities has been launched.

Picture german DIPSOL Europe Team

At the new company location at Düsseldorf DIPSOL Europe will start up with an extensive Service laboratory with connected technical center. An experienced staff could be won for the area of plating technology for the special challenges of a successful establishment in the German speaking area.

DIPSOL Europe at the Life Science Center Düsseldorf

Mr. Michael Barz has been appointed general manager. He will be joined by Mr. Uwe Lanksweirt (technician), Mr. Patrick Rio (Sales) and Mr. Martin Beckmann (Service) which are a well-coordinated team with respective professional knowledge for an optimal customer service. As a very important aspect, prior to the foundation, was the necessity of production of additives for different systems in Germany. This could be realized with the cooperation of a modern subcontractor for the production of specialty chemicals. A connected warehouse at the production plant permits a just in time delivery at the customer.

Michael Barz, CEO DIPSOL Europe GmbH Düsseldorf

“The target of our activities is an establishment of the already used systems in the German speaking area especially in sector zinc, zinc-nickel, passivation and sealers. Until latest 2020 also at the whole European plating market” as per managing director Mr. Barz to the question of the product portfolio and the targets of DIPSOL Europe GmbH. The program will be completed with a full range of pretreatment products of DIPSOL Europe GmbH. Also systems for chemical nickel plating are offered.

With this investment DIPSOL has the possibility, apart from the established products, also to provide the necessary infrastructure for service and successful cooperation with the customer.

For further information contact us under www.dipsol.eu or info@dipsol.eu